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  • Promote good labour relations among members, employees and the government through the process of negotiations, consultations and reconciliation;
  • Organize its members for all purposes connected with employment of labour, including attending union (KP&AWU) meetings in members? farms;
  • Deal collectively with any matter affecting labour;
  • Co-operate with and cultivate good relations between employees and its members on all matters on matters affecting general and common interest;
  • Collect and circulate information on all matters relating to labour and the farming economy; and in this connection, promote, watch-over, take action in regard to legislative measures or proposals affecting or likely, or tending to affect it;
  • Initiate, promote and co-ordinate all matters of common interest to the members;
  • Represent members to the Agricultural Industry Wages Council;
  • Safeguard its members against direct approach in matters of recognition and Collective Bargaining Agreements by the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers Union (KPAWU).
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