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The Traffic Act
Chapter 403
Revised Edition 2009 (1993)
Published by the National Council for Law Reporting
with the Authority of the Attorney General
CAP. 403 Traffic

[Rev. 2009
Part I – Preliminary
1—Short title.
3—Appointment of officers.
4—Classification of vehicles.
Part II - Registration of Vehic les
5—Records of vehicles.
6—Motor vehicles and trailers to be registered.
7—Inspection fee.
8—Owner of vehicle.
9—Change of ownership.
10—No registration of motor vehicles exported or imported unlawfully.
11—Vehicles may be exempted from registration.
12—Vehicles to carry identification plates.
13—Production of registration book.
14—Penalties under this Part.
Part III - Lic ensing of Vehic les
15—Motor vehicles and trailers to be licensed.
16—Application for licence.
17—Conditions for issue of licence.
17A—Vehicle inspection certificates.
18—Form of licences.
19—Fees and duration of licences.
20—Licence to be carried on vehicle.
21—Duplicate licences.
22—New licence to be applied for in certain circumstances.
23—Dealer’s general licence.
24—Use of dealer’s general licence.
25—Duration of dealer’s general licence.
26—Cancellation of dealer’s general licence.
27—Dealer’s general licence not to be transferred without authority.
28—Recovery of licence fees by civil process.
29—Penalties under this Part.
Traffic CAP. 403

Rev. 2009]
Part IV – Drivi ng Lic ences
30—Drivers to be licensed.
31—Conditions for granting of driving licence.
32—Provisional driving licence.
33—Driving licence not to be granted to persons under certain ages.
34—Form of application.
35—Issue of driving licences to members of armed forces.
36—Production of driving licence on demand.
37—Form of driving licence.
38—Duplicate licences.
39—Driving tests.
40—Revocation, etc., of driving licences upon application by police.
41—Penalties under this Part.
Part V – Drivi ng and Other Offences Relating to the Use of Vehic les on Roads
42— Speed of motor vehicles.
43—Penalties in relation to speed.
44—Driving under influence of drink.
45—Prohibition of drinking when driving or in charge of public service vehicle.
46—Causing death by driving or obstruction.
47—Reckless driving.
48—Power to convict for reckless or dangerous driving on trial for manslaughter
or for causing death by driving or obstruction.
49—Careless driving.
50—Warning to be given before prosecution.
51—Only proper fuel to be used in motor vehicles.
52—Signals and signs to be obeyed.
52A—Offences relating to parking bays and areas where no charges are made.
52B—Parking of vehicles carrying explosives, petroleum, etc.
54—Racing, pacemaking and trial of speed.
55—Condition of vehicles.
56—Limitation of loads.
58—Penalty for improper condition or overloading.
59—Obstructing driver of motor vehicle.
60—Restrictions on pillion riding.
61—Riding in dangerous position.
62—Restrictions on persons being towed.
63—Causing damage to motor vehicle.
64—Tampering with motor vehicle.
65—Taking motor vehicle without consent.
66—Unattended motor vehicles.
66A – Maximum driving hours.
66B – Disqualification on third endorsement in three years.
4 CAP. 403 Traffic [Rev. 2009
67 – Penalties under this Part.
Part VI – Regulation of Traffic
68 – Highway Code.
69 – Power to regulate traffic.
70 – Traffic signs.
71 – Closure of roads.
72 – Injury to bridges.
Part VIA – Designated Parking Places
72A – Power to make by-laws for designated parking places.
72B – Charges for use of designated parking places.
72C – Supplemental provisions regarding excess charges.
72D – Exceptions.
72E – Meters may be taken out of use.
72F – Duty of local authority concerning parking meters.
72G – Offences concerning designated parking places.
72H – Protection of local authority.
72I – Interpretation of this Part.
Part VIB – Parking Elsewhere than in Designated Parking Places
72J – Power to make by-laws for parking elsewhere than in designated parking
Part VII – Accid ents
73 – Duty to stop and report.
74 – Inspection of vehicle involved in an accident.
75 – Penalties under this Part.
Part VIII – Suspension, Cancellation and Endorsement of Drivi ng Lic ences
76 – Powers of court.
77 – Right of appeal.
78 – Cancellation of driving licence.
79 – Production of driving licence for endorsement.
80 – Custody of licence while suspended or cancelled.
81 – Fraudulent application for driving licence.
82 – Particulars of endorsement to be inserted in new licence.
83 – Applying for licence without disclosing endorsement.
84 – Issue of new licence free from endorsement.
Rev. 2009] Traffic CAP. 403 5
Part IX – Offences by Driv ers of Vehic les Other than Motor Vehic les
and Other Road Users
85–Driving under influence of drink.
86–Reckless driving.
87–Careless driving
88–Carelessness while in charge of animals.
89–Restrictions on riding bicycles.
Part X – Miscellaneous Provi sions as to Roads
90 – Offences in connexion with roads.
91 – Encroachment on and damage to roads.
92 – Prohibition on use of tracked vehicles, etc.
93 – Non-liability of highway authority for damage.
94 – Penalties under this Part.
Part XI – Pub lic Servic e Vehic les
95 – Public service vehicles to be licensed.
96 – Application for public service vehicle licence.
97 – Issue and conditions of licence.
98 – Drivers and conductors to be licensed.
99 – Power to cancel or suspend licence.
100 – Passengers and loads.
101 – Non-payment of fare.
102 – Regulation of public service vehicles.
103 – Touting.
104 – Penalties under this Part.
Part XII – General
105 – Inspection of vehicles.
106 – Removal of vehicles from road.
107 – Detention of vehicles.
108 – Certificate of inspector to be admissible in evidence.
109 – Certified extract from records to be admissible in evidence.
110 – Owner or other person to furnish name and address of driver of vehicle.
111 – Owner to keep list of drivers employed.
112 – Verification of facts.
113 – Giving false information.
114 – Fraudulent imitation, etc., of documents.
115 – Endorsements of licence to be proof of conviction.
116 – Notice to attend court.
117 – Minor traffic offences.
118—General penalty.
118A –Local authority may make by-laws regulating taxicabs, etc.
6 CAP. 403 Traffic [Rev. 2009
119 –Rules.
120 – Power to suspend and exempt from provisions.

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