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AEA/NKU/FWC/02/2013                                                                            14th February 2013


All members

Agricultural Employers’ Association



The successful lobbying by the Association, FKE, KFC and all other kindred organization on the Mututho bill led to the establishment of Floricultural Wages Council by the Minister in accordance with section 43 of the Labour Relations Act 2007.

The Minister established the Council by Notice through Kenya Gazette No. 17052 of 26th November 2012 appointing the following as members: -



Mr. James W Muthee



i)             Mr. Thomas Kipkemboi -              K P & A W U

ii)            Mr. Issa W Wafula        -              K P & A W U

iii)           Ms. Irene Nyambura      -              K P & A W U



i)             Mr. Wesley K Siele       -             AEA

ii)            Mrs. Jane Ngige            -             KFC

iii)           Mr. Ambisai Ambenge    -             FKE


Independent members:

i)             Dr. Richard M S Mulwa

ii)            Mr. Gordon F O Ogolla

iii)           Ms. Fidelis Mbagara


The role of the Council shall be: -

a)            To investigate the remuneration and conditions of employment in the flower industry;

b)            Invite and consider written and oral representation in the prescribed manner from interested parties;

c)            Make recommendation to the Minister on minimum wage remuneration and conditions of employment in the flower industry.  This will lead to creation of Floriculture Wages Order.


In performance of its functions, the Floriculture Wages Council may: -

i)             Request for information from the growers;

ii)            Visit the flower farms to get first hand information from both growers and workers;

iii)           Conduct a public hearing.


The Council shall in accordance with section 44 (5) be careful to take into consideration: -

a)            The needs of employees and families taking into account the general level of wages in the Country, the cost of living, social security benefits, and relative standards of other several groups;

b)            Economic factors, including the requirement of economic development, levels of productivity and desirability of attaining and maintaining high level of employment and need to encourage investment;

c)            The ability of employers to carry on their business successfully;

d)            The operations of small, medium and micro-enterprises;

e)            The cost of living;

f)             The alleviation of poverty;

g)            The minimum subsistence level;

h)            The likely impact of any proposed conditions of Employment on current employment or the creation of employment.

The Council had their inaugural meeting on 8th February 2013 and the subsequent meeting will be on 26th and 27th February 2013.  This is a very important exercise that calls for your cooperation and full participation when called upon.  The Association shall continue to update you on the progress made and any emerging issues.  The Association commits itself to ensuring your interests; growers/employers are taken care of.

In case of any clarification or suggestions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Wesley K Siele





click here to download Floriculture Wages Order, a pdf document

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