We as AEA expect to achieve our goals through
four key developmental objectives.

IR Compliance

We ensure compliance with the Industrial Relations principles and fair labor practices Find out more

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CGS Developement

Corporate Governance Systems Development essentially involves balancing the interests of a company's many stakeholders

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Workforce Developement

We help you develop the most superior workforce so that the organization can accomplish it`s work goals in service to members.

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We carry out advocacy to influence decisions within the political, economic and social systems within the association and members.

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Additional objectives.


We organize members for all purposes related to employment of labor and deal collectively with any matter affecting such labor


We as AEA intentionaly render to our members assistance in connection with labor as the executive committee may deem desirable in their interest such as training, recruitment of personnel on behalf of members

Foster Relations

To promote with and foster good relations with employees and or combinations of employees and its members on all matters affecting general and common interests

Settling Disputes

To encourage the settlement of disputes between its members and their employees by conciliatory methods

Gather Information

To collect, collate and circulate information on all matters relating to labor and other related aspects of interest to its members; and in this connection to promote, watch over, oppose or take action in regard to legislative measures or proposals affecting or likely, or tending to affect it

Strategic Collaboration

o collaborate with Federation affiliation or otherwise with any organization having similar or like interest by entering into any arrangement whatsoever that may seem conducive to the Association’s objects or any of them

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