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Membership of the Association covers a wide spectrum of 219 organizations in horticulture,  floriculture, general agriculture and service providers to the Agricultural sector known as Associate Members.


Associate membership is determined by the sector an employer is involved in. This includes; Banking, Saccos, Education institutions and any other service provider to the  Agricultural sector


Membership to the Association and the charges payable are determined by the total number of employees an employer/organization has. A new member pays a once-for-all entrance fee equivalent to one year’s subscription plus the subscription which will be payable on each consecutive year.

AEA influences policy at the national level by participating at:

  • Presidential Round Table meetings in State House
  • Ministerial Stakeholders Forum through KEPSA
  • Agricultural Wages Council
  • Floriculture Wages Council
  • Speakers Round Table
  • Council of Governors Forums


In line with its mission, the Association will endeavor to: -

  • Promote good labor relations among members, employees, and the government through the process of negotiations, consultations, and reconciliation;
  • Organize its members for all purposes connected with the employment of labor, including attending union (KP&AWU) meetings in members’ farms;
  • Deal collectively with any matter affecting labor;
  • Co-operate with and cultivate good relations between employees and its members on all matters on matters affecting general and common interest;
  • Collect and circulate information on all matters relating to labor and the farming economy; and in this connection, promote, watch-over, take action in regard to legislative measures or proposals affecting or likely, or tending to affect it;
  • Acts jointly with any organization having similar or kindred interests e.g. KFC, FPEAK, KEPSA, AIN, etc
  • Initiate, promote and co-ordinate all matters of common interest to the members;
  • Represent members to FKE Management Board and the Rural Employers’ Standing Committee meetings. The issues discussed in these forums include; NSSF Administration, NHIF, Producer Cess, Retirement Benefits Act, Wages policy in the rural sector and issues related to child labor, the infrastructure, industrial training, state of the economy and political developments, security and industrial relations in the country and general public advocacy
  • Represent members to the Agricultural Industry Wages Council;
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of views amongst its members.
  • Safeguard its members against the direct approach in matters of recognition and Collective Bargaining Agreements by the Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers’ Union (KPAWU).


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