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Welcome to the Agricultural Employers` Association.

The Agricultural Employers Association (A.E.A) was started in 1962 and registered in 1966 under   the Trade Unions Act 233 (repealed) as an Association representing the collective interests of employers in the Agricultural Industry in matters connected with employment of labor.
The A.E.A is an affiliate to Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Agricultural Industry Network (AIN) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers(KAM)


Members Area


General Agriculture

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Flower Growers

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The A.E.A is an affiliate to Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Kenya Association of Manufacturers(KAM) and the Agricultural Industry Network (AIN).

Our Mandate

 The purpose of the Association shall be to do all things which the Association, in general meetings or its Executive Committee may deem expedient to promote uniform labor relations among its members through collective negotiations in respect of rates and scales of wages, conditions of service, and to co-ordinate matters of general interest appertaining thereto and in particular


Kenya Association of Manufacturers


The Kenya Private Sector Alliance



Agricultural Industry Network